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Do not open nutrition, be in so the food that should provide a few nutrition to abound to the child at ordinary times. Take zinc for, it is the element of a kind of nutrition that needs among human body, the food that filling zinc goal can achieve in daily life is very much, include a lot of fruits and meat. The child that some parents want him uses zinc, can let the child eat pork liver then, so, pork liver filling zinc?

Pork liver filling zinc?

1, pork liver

If want darling filling zinc, pork liver is a very right choice, after all the zincic element that pork liver contains also is more, it is good that nevertheless a week eats, such ability have better effect. The iron element with additionally medium pork liver, go up to preventing darling to suffer from the effect with constant presence of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

2, lean lean

In lean lean, contain the zincic element that human body needs not only, still contain human body indispensable protein, amino acid, vitamin and a variety of microelement. Be in accordingly common, can eat a few lean lean more to darling, in the effect that achieves filling zinc while, still can prevent effectively hidebound.

Pork liver filling zinc?

3, beef

Beef contains a lot ofacid of protein, adipose, carbohydrate, calcic, phosphor, Nick to wait for nutrient composition. The human body in contains protein is indispensibleShanghai noble baby

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amino acid is very much, still contain a lot ofbig1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Measure iron and zinc, the nutrient value that says it so is very high. The zinc in beef is absorbed more easily than the zinc in the plant, human body is 21%~26% to the absorptivity of the zinc in beef, and have 14% only to the zincic absorptivity in whole wheat bread.

4, ostracean

In numerous sea product, several oyster are most common, also be the food with zincic more content at the same time. Some children are spent to the good impression of seafood taller, give darling filling zinc through oyster, the probability that is accepted also is taller, but want to notice, if darling is metShanghai noble baby

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Allergic to seafoodShanghai Long Feng forum

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, so never edible, avoid to cause needless trouble.

Pork liver filling zinc?

5, carrot

Rich carotene, vitamin is contained in carrot, and zincic element, contains nutrient value is taller. Father mother is in when stir-frying, OK and proper accretion a few carrot, darling filling zinc is helped on certain level.

6, fruit

In the fruit, if more or less begin of content to differentiate from zinc, so ordinal it is apple, jujube, pear, strawberry, can prepare a few kinds of fruits in home middling accordingly, give darling edible, so that satisfy the requirement to zinc. But do not suggest when draft fruit hollow edible, had better be the 1~ after the mealForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Eat again after 2 hours.

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