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Article introduction

There are a lot of people to suffer from between present daily life went up uremia this disease, should suffer from on what pair of patients meet after uremia is healthy having huge harm, uremic patient besides should cooperate a doctor actively to have treatment, undertake modulatory in the respect such as food even, say in our country medicine fills all the time be inferior to feeding fill, the impact of visible food is bigger still, uremic patient needs its more of the attention in dietary respect.

Uremia can take what course

Notice one

Uremic food and cure close suitably, it is the problem that medical worker takes seriously all the time, although had done many guidance, but patient of a lot of uremia is a blank from beginning to end to uremic food, also often because food is undeserved, bring about uremiaForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The patient is treated not beautiful. Uremia the name is chronic kidney function is not complete, clinical go up byShanghai noble baby

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The degree branch with kidney not whole function is: Kidney function is completely not acting countervail period, disease of azotic qualitative blood period, uremia period.

Notice 2

Uremic food is mixed the earliest the most outstanding performance is in enteron, expression is haemorrhage of abdominal and anorexia, unwell, disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea, glossitis, stomatitis, enteron to wait a moment. Uric poisonShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Disease itself appears easily food is abnormal, accordingly, uremic food is reasonable take good care of sb appears very heavyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Should. In azotic qualitative blood disease period is mixed uremia period the patient basically should be given priority to with low albumen food, and protein should need with containing human body the animal albumen of amino acid is given priority to, be like milk, egg kind, fish, lean lean. Daily protein intake is 20 grams. Assured the supply of the amino acid with airframe indispensible place already so, synthesis of blame albumen nitrogen is used to be not indispensible and amino acid below the circumstance that can make airframe is supplied in low albumen again, reduce disease of azotic qualitative blood thereby.

Uremia can take what course

Notice 3

Food should be digested easily and contain enough vitamin, especially vitamin B, Forum of Shanghai night net

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C, D. The mechanical sex that should avoid coarse food offset to be changed is injured and bring about enteron to bleed. Disease of azotic qualitative blood period appetite goodish patient, quantity of heat do not answer little at every kilograms of weight 35 calories, but to uremia period can inspect the patient’s appetite only and decide. If quantity of patient make water is not little, oedema is not apparent, generalForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Do not want limitation to water quantity.

Uremia can take what course

Notice 4

Uremic patient is incidental dehydration and disease of low natrium blood, especially long-term inappetence, the patient of vomiting and diarrhoea is more such. Once happen, want seasonable complement. But should notice uremic patient is able to bear or endure to water, natrium the characteristic that gets difference, compensatory cannot excessive, lest cause disease of tall natrium blood or water toxic.

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