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Article introduction

Vitamin D is a kind of sterol kind derivative, the most apparent effect can prevent children namely rachitic, vitamin D is eating vegetable there is extensive presence inside body, it belongs to the vitamin of fat dissolve sex, be being treated and prevent heart disease, diabetic, hypertensive, schizophrenia, deliver the side such as sexual sclerosis disease more, can produce certain effect and effect.

Vitamin D effect and action

1, heart disease:

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Vitamin D can reduce pair of insulin be able to bear or endure suffer a gender, and insulin is able to bear or endure sufferring a gender is one of main factors that cause heart disease. Hectic: Lung tissue can be experienced in the person’s lifetime repair and ” transform ” , because the vitamin affects the growth of a variety of cells, itShanghai Long Feng forum

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The likelihood has certain effect to repair process of lung.

Vitamin D effect and action

2, diabetic:

In Ⅰ model diabetic in, immune system can exterminate the cell of human body oneself. The scientist thinks, vitamin D can have the effect of immune depressor. They think, it may prevent the excessive reaction of immune system.

Vitamin D effect and action

3, hypertensive:

Vitamin D is used for the parathyroid place on cervical thyroid gland. These gland body secrete a kind to adjust the hormone of calcic level inside body, calcium criterion help adjusts blood pressure, but the scientist has not manage completely1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Understand this one process.

4, schizophrenia:

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Suffer from the odds of the schizophrenia to be concerned with the sunshine circumstance of before be born a few months probably. Devoid sunshine may bring about vitamin DForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Lack. The scientist thinks, this meeting changes the development of fetal cerebra.

5, the much sclerosis that send a gender:

1 what lack vitamin D to be able to restrict human body to arise, vitamin of 25 2 hydroxyl D3, this is the form of a kind of hormone of vitamin D3, can adjust immune system. Its lack may increase the risk that has sclerosis of sex of on many hair.

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6, rachitic with osteoporosis:

Vitamin D but solid skeleton, precautionary children is rachitic with senile osteoporosis.

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