Problem of 10 years of development is not little also ” annals of China the Three Kingdoms ” Steam 84% reputably


A free and politic game that develop上海千花网论坛

s 10 years by civilian group ” annals of China the Three Kingdoms ” already solved a lock formally yesterday, this game did not develop it is reported business, without capital, have a dream only, but harvested those who be as high as 84% to be led reputably on Steam platform however, although look,be like simple but however content is rich, going watching players together is how say! Gave reputably because homebred jumping-off place wants to undertake supportive to developer,players basically are, of besides game or free put on sale, can be conscience make. Although the picture of game and UI 爱上海

are likely palletter, but played a law richly to make up for this to be short of regret however. Additional, still the player points out hope developer can undertake collecting fees to game, generating electricity with love otherwise was to be not maintained how long. Of course, although this is an indigenous game, supporting while the inadequacy that we also want to face up to it, although be poor,judge, but among them a few opinions are more critical still. Point out with respect to somebody game begin difficulty is exorbitant above all, without novice tutorial, quite chilly to new personality, the art design of game is poorer, accept hard. More the上海千花网论坛

player points out this making to borrowed ” annals of the Three Kingdoms 9 ” , it is glorious simply ” annals of the Three Kingdom新上海贵族宝贝论坛

s ” the hodgepodge of series game, do not talk to go up on picture and game sex ideal, still be in game rudiment phase basically. Of course, ” annals of China the Three Kingdoms ” the time上海同城对对碰交友社区

that expended developer 10 years will undertake making, and free like players put on sale, to indigenous game we still can support. But cannot because be indigenous game we are OK in order to slant without exception complete, ” annals of China the Three Kingdoms ” still exist a lot of the place that remains to perfect, the reference with this respect or more existence mixes game of strategy of the Three Kingdoms draw lessons from, hope ” annals of 上海千花网

China the Three Kingdoms ” can better and better.

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