Do one’s best of the group that make lets ” final illusion 15 ” ending becomes heavy pound tear shell


A lot of game make a player old cannot dismiss from one’s mind, and ” final illusion 7 ” it is without doubt among them one of. Although our at present expects getting is ” final illusion 15 ” (Final Fantasy XV) , but Shikeweier Ainikesi hopes it can be achieved at the outset ” final illusion 7 ” the shock that brings to player group.

” final illusion 15 ” will at official September this year put on sale, current detail information still is not very much. Ai Ni Ke Sixi looks at Shikeweier to be made originally can bring an emotion to pound, they hope ” final illusion 15 ” ending will leave deep impression to the person.

Cropland end expresses to media: I hope to make a very touching final result, let person lament as far as possible. The player costs tens of hours to play game, if game ending winds up the matter hastily, can let a person touch with respect to scarcely, can let National People’s Congress break place to look instead. At least this game should let me cry, perhaps produce a few feeling. The person that I hope to let those beautiful money spend time to play game can experience touching final result.

” final illusion 15 ” use open world design, the time that undoubted player spends inside will be very much. A lot of game once evoked mood resonance of the player successfully, believe cropland is carried and his group can achieve this one goal certainly.

” final illusion 15 ” the one large dominant position that creates the gut that urge a tear is, game will be returned from leading role is a dot when begin taletelling, let us see manhood is the following next he. A lot of work a certain time after with a view to is grown, in this making, the player will understand the childhood experience of leading role, and the influence to the psychology after manhood.

We very expect to see ” final illusion 15 ” how to make this tear bomb, because the part is mixed,story gut is all the time ” final illusion ” the substantial of series. ” final illusion 15 ” will land PS4 and Xbox One on September 30.

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