An excellent work of PC exclusive game that enjoyed surely 2016! Equestrian with chop kill 2 present as leading role


Experienced 2015 brilliant, the game market 2016 appears relatively quiet. But this is not represented lack game an excellent work this year, contrary, a lot of having actual strength and potential game already labor force is waited for sent, having many returning among them is PC is exclusive.

” steely great ambition 4 ” be make game of emission a politic war by Paradox Interactive, this making is ” steely great ambition ” the add of series is made. Make story setting set be in originally turn over fascist war period, in game, the player can see the famous person in a lot of World War II, for example, xitele, Qiu Jier, Sidalin. The AI that this making compared with before make the meeting is more powerful, still used the new money with more extensive use additionally. A good leader and government choosing in game is crucial to national development, the player still can choose different company to help his elevate the production of equipment and goods and materials even.

” moon task ” use visional 3 engine, should make fixed position explore kind of game for horrible fire, guide a player to enter a tomorrow in outcast moon base, having the horrible taste of the 80 time of dense, emphasized avoid, seek to live on to wait for an element with permanent death.

Story happening is on deserted moon base, offerred for the player nonlinear game experience: Can explore the any area of base freely, include what other player discovery is less than to obscure an area, and the environmental obstacle that a large number of immediately appear, AI place and with will upgrade the floppy disk of software of your astronaut deliverance tool. Aim at as dead band originally, systemic consciousness, without Hud interface, insensate a clew, player place relies on can be the competence that yourself and you seek to live on only.

” dauntless battleship ” use visional 4 engine are made, the another 3A class that is Yager game of much person of second for generations blows hard, be in ” dauntless battleship ” in, the player will act employ army captain, guide aerospace of large quantities of fleet go on an expedition. The player can undertake to any parts of battle airship alone and custom-built, arrive from engine armor, arrive from weapon ability unit staff, the player is combined at will.

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