” phoenix is nodded ” will molopolize in Epic shop put on sale causes player outcry


Recently, ” phoenix is nodded ” the sole sale that the government announces to PC edition will have by a definite date one year in Epic shop, this game will be in later include Steam and GOG inside the put on sale inside other store. Gollop expresses in announcement, we are very clear player of purchase in advance has how to expect to be able to be in oneself play this game on current platform, if the player feels malcontent to this, we are willing to be player refund. In the first year of game put on sale, all DLC will offer the player that buys it freely. Solve in common problem of the government in, the partial account that development staff represents to they accept agreement of this kind of exclusiveness is: After game put on sale, they can have more time to enrich game content better. ” phoenix is nodded ” development business shows, with Epic collaboration this accord with our atelier, and the long-term interests of prospective development game. Epic provided certain safe safeguard for our game development, it can continue to support inside prospective a long time not only ” phoenix is nodded ” development works, the development that still can be follow-up and other sport brings advantage. At present already a lot of players express to protest to developing this kind of way of business, development business says the near future can handle the player’s issue seriously.

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