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Aerosol ice-cream makes the best choice of heat of disappear of a lot of people. Aerosol ice-cream has a lot of distinction at common ice cream relatively, have than if former1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The mouthfeel of juice raw ingredient, have certain innovation sex. Can appear because located environment wants ice cream,aerosol is far under normal temperature. So its are made moreFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Convenient. So what is aerosol ice-cream? What is its make a principle?

Aerosol ice-cream

Aerosol ice-cream, it is liquid nitrogen ice-cream actually, because ice-cream itself is compared located environmental temperature is low, invisible vapour is contained in air, when all round water mist can be generated when encountering ice-cream cold air relative to hotter vapor, this is the white energy of life that sees so that see, not be ice-cream is risked so that enrage in vain then in other words, however original with respect to the vapor all round consist in, change on taste and innovation while also mix in ice-cream exterior a lot of change appeared in the process that make, make ice-creamly more convenient.

Aerosol ice-cream

Scientific now progress let people know the method of the more ice-cream that make, liquid nitrogen is one kind 0, the thing that 196 ° spend, can the raw material of cream of instantaneous cold freeze, this kind of method that make is OK and swift the force that can rely on oneself simply is finished, the raw material that needs to prepare not to rise only and liquid nitrogen are OK, good precondition fruit former juice and liquid nitrogen photograph are united in wedlock, be made in ice-cream of course agitate liquid nitrogen next, release aerosol ceaselessly in the process of the agitate that make, this also is liquid nitrogen ice-cream is called to be ” aerosol is ice-cream ” reason, this kind of method is made simple, mouthfeel withheld ice-cream former juice raw ingredient on very old rate, consumer can experience in the home ” aerosol is ice-cream ” . Fume is ice-cream, liquid nitrogen ice-cream and aerosol ice-cream are a product actually, do not have too big change.

Aerosol ice-cream

Aerosol makes a method ice-creamly:

1, agitate milk, butter, candy, water and flavor enhancement, among them milk and butter are main body, about 10:9scale.

2, preparative infuse liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen is the liquid state of nitrogenA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, it can turn into quickly in air gas, take away quantity of heat.

3, enter liquid nitrogen, and agitateShanghai noble baby

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, till liquid figuration.

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Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, what after liquid nitrogen volatilizes, remain is ice cream.

5, scatter on fruit, add jacketFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The candy ornament that acts the role of a gender was finished.

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